Maximise Performance And Well-Being With The Three Brain Training Intensive

We often fail to make lasting changes in our lives because we don’t take the actions necessary to implement any insight we might have had.

Behavioural change is essential to build new neural networks, the most effective way to see sustainable transformation.

The Three Brain Training 6-Week Intensive (3BT) gives you tools and techniques to use daily to make changes at each of your survival, feeling and thinking brains.

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How Does It Work?

The Three Brain Training Intensive (3BT) is an 8 week programme that helps you build powerful new habits, conquer negative thoughts and process difficult emotions, whilst staying calm, confident and in control.

Daily Practice

In just 15 minutes a day you will learn to engage each of your brains with short techniques, allowing you to build new neural pathways and make lasting change.

Weekly Training

Each week you will have access to an online training module comprised of micro-lessons – short bursts of easy-to-digest content that you can consume wherever you are.

The Three Brain Training Intensive (3BT) is an 8 week programme that helps you build powerful new habits, conquer negative thoughts and process difficult emotions, whilst staying calm, confident and in control.

Group Coaching

Each week you’ll join a small cohort of high-performing leaders like yourself with one of our expert coaches to get accountability, ask questions and receive feedback.

Community Support

Our online community is where you’ll get support and encouragement to get the most out of the programme. Community is the best way to make sustainable change.

An Six Week Journey To Transformation

Discover our 3 step process to making powerful change!

Week 1-2

Get Grounded

We begin the process by working with the Survival Brain. This is the instinctive, subconscious system that looks to keep us safe and avoid threats to both our physical self, but also our ego!

We start by giving you some short exercises that you use on a daily basis to help you begin to train your nervous system and feel more present and grounded.

Week 3-4

Open Up

Once we can begin to control our own stress response and feel more calm and in control, then we can begin to work with the Feeling Brain.

We focus on the amygdala and limbic system in the brain by using short techniques to help us process our emotions more easily.

Week 5-6

Do What Matters

As we learn to settle our nervous system and process our emotional responses, we can make space for working with the Thinking Brain.

By becoming clear on how our behaviours either move us towards or away from our goals, we can begin to work with techniques to improve our focus, clarity and motivation.

The Importance Of Daily Reps!

3BT helps you make sustainable, powerful changes in all areas of your life.

For most of our lives, we function on auto-pilot, running off old networks and patterns of thought, emotions and behaviours.

To really make a difference, it’s vital that we interrupt these old patterns and disrupt the links between them.

We do this by helping you make short, sharp changes to your behaviour during the day.

Much as you would do when you go to the gym, our programme gives you “reps” to do each day.

These are short exercises (as little as 10 seconds!) to move you out of old patterns and into new dynamic ways of thinking, feeling and acting.


These Are Some Of The Results You Can Expect To See – In Just 8 Weeks!

By working consistently to interrupt old patterns of behaviour and build new neural pathways, you can make changes in a really short space of time!

Supercharge Your Performance

By taking action to recharge and replenish your physical, emotional and mental energy, you’ll dramatically improve performance.

Maximise Your Well-Being

Taking daily actions to work with difficult thoughts and process tough emotions allows you to feel great, even when under pressure.

Increase Productivity And Focus

Rewiring new dynamic neural pathways will increase your focus, improve the clarity of mind and give you the power to work effectively and efficiently.

Achieve Your Goals

As you prune away old pathways, you’ll create new habits and be able to take action on the things that are important. This quickly moves you closer to your goals.

Three Brain Training helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and knowledge workers perform at their best, feel their best and thrive during turbulent times.

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