The Science Behind 3BT’s Revolutionary Approach

In the past two decades, science has discovered that the adult human nervous system can change much more than was previously suspected.

This change in our mind and body circuitry is known as neuroplasticity and is the secret to helping us all make sustainable transformation.

At the heart of the 3BT model is a deep connection with the science of human potential.

By combining different methods and finding commonalities, we have developed an amazing framework to facilitate rapid change for people.

Scientific research confirms that when we change our behaviours, it rewires our brain, leading to shifts in our thoughts and emotions.

Moreover, we have identified the most powerful techniques to bring about these transformations and understand the essential foundations of positive mental and emotional health.

When you integrate all of this knowledge, you get Three Brain Training – a highly effective approach to enhance performance, productivity, and concentration, while also optimising your overall well-being.

You have three neurological systems that work together, but each has a different role to play in keeping you fit and healthy

In 3BT we refer to each of these systems as “brains”, but in reality, they are interconnected parts of our nervous system vital for our health and well-being.

The Survival Brain’s role is to keep you safe from harm and helps you to avoid threats to your life (or ego!).

The Feeling Brain’s role is to make sense of the world around you and to form connections with others.

The Thinking Brain’s role is to make plans, figure out problems and give you a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

As we go through life these three systems learn from our experiences and hardwire neurological patterns into systems called neural networks

The wonderful news here though is that we now know that it is possible to change these hardwired neural networks through a process called neuroplasticity.

This means the brain can adapt and change in response to learning, experience and injury.

This ability of the brain to rewire and adapt gives us the chance to learn new ways of altering these pathways to enhance mental and emotional well-being.

Three Brain Training helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and knowledge workers perform at their best, feel their best and thrive during turbulent times.

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